Collinsworth Insurance
Erinn E. Collinsworth, President

About Us

Our Commitment

Welcome to Collinsworth Insurance and Risk Management Services – a company founded with a single focus to provide exemplary service with integrity, trust and respect. Our fundamental commitment is to maintain honest and direct communication with our clients and our insurance carrier partners.

The key to a successful business is relationships. In following the model set by sureties, the Lloyds marketplace and simple old-fashioned values – we are happy to share our knowledge and experience, to help guide business decisions, and provide access to the some of the best insurance carriers in the business.

It is my philosophy that we best serve our clients as a partner, in the process of mitigating risk before an issue arises. Experience with both design and construction professionals helps us help each of you build a successful project.

Our standard insurance and risk management services include:

Application Assistance

How many times have you wondered why a question is being asked - if you have really answered the question correctly? If you are missing risk management credits? Or should that condominium project you hope to be awarded really be on the application?

Market Access

We provide direct access to insurance carriers who provide some of the best policy forms and risk management support, while also having the ability to access markets for difficult to place accounts. We take the time to discuss the policy forms, the coverage provided – including important exclusions to be considered.

Contract Review

We review contracts not for their legality, but for their insurability – to help you build a better project practice. Does that duty to defend really create an uninsurable issue? Is the inclusion of “all, best, highest, fullest” creating a warranty and guaranty issue? Do you understand when you are accepting more liability than that for which you have coverage?

Certificates of Insurance

* We issue promptly and are happy to provide a revision when necessary;
* We are happy to review your subconsultant and subcontractor certificates. Do they have the coverage you think they do?

Client Advocacy at all contact points

Please contact us for a quote, or just a chat about your current program. We are happy to help you explore alternative options.